Our Goals

Charting a Greener Tomorrow

Our Vision 2030

Becoming a globally recognized brand; Tectone is on a mission to enhance lives and safeguard our planet. We are committed to sustainability, ensuring our appliances are accessible to everyone, and meticulously crafted to blend functionality, design, and value.

Sustainability Roadmap


Circular Economy Plan

Today we have to revisit the old principles to extend product life cycles as much as possible and reduce as much waste as we can. At Tectone, this process starts right at the beginning, by designing value-added products. Adding value to a product can take many forms, such as cutting down its material content or making items easier to dismantle and repurpose.


Net-Zero Execution

Our factory, supply chain, R&D and industrial engineering functions are built from the ground up with a net-zero goal in mind, redesigning products and industrial processes to be greener and cleaner. Decisions are continuously supported at all corporate levels in order to drive cultural change, and acquire the necessary skills to drive technical decisions.


Eco-Friendly Products Action

At Tectone, multicultural teams work closely together under one roof to design and deliver the most eco-friendly appliances from the start. All departments are using a holistic approach to plan the lifecycle of a product from conception to reuse & recycle.

Midterm Goals

Renewable Energy

Becoming 30% powered by renewable energy across the entire Tectone value chain.

Industry 4.0

Implementing more Industry 4.0 for enhancing productivity, improving the customer experience, production automation, and achieving manufacturing and supply chain integration.

Future of Work

Adapting the future of work. Recruiting the most skilled talents, fostering individual growth.

Innovation for People

Creating a design-focused corporate culture that will support world-class innovation as an ultimate tool for global competition.

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