Governor Ali Hamza Pehlivan Visits Tectone R&D Center

Governor Ali Hamza Pehlivan Visits Tectone R&D Center



Governor Ali Hamza Pehlivan visited our factory, which is currently under establishment in the Mersin-Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone.

Accompanied by our Chairman, Murat Can, Governor Pehlivan engaged with the engineers at the Tectone R&D Center. This center is a hub of innovation for Tectone Home Appliances. Chairman Can provided the Governor with a comprehensive update on the progress of the facility, detailing the advanced research and development activities underway.

Our factory, once operational, is set to revolutionize the production of original designs for various appliances, including televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and dryers, and electric vacuum cleaners. Upon completion, the factory will span an area of 670,000 square meters, providing employment to 14,000 individuals. Furthermore, we aim to produce 54 million units annually, with plans to export to all seven continents.

Accompanying Governor Pehlivan on his visit were Sabri Tekli, President of the Mersin-Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone (MTOSB), and members of the OSB Management Board. The visit highlights the significant role of the Tectone R&D Center in fostering innovation and employment in the region and its contribution to the global market.

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